24 Thoughts We Have While Watching House Hunters

All HGTV junkies know that House Hunters is basically a staple of the  channel. It’s the backbone that holds everything together. It’s where you turn when you’re sick of the regular HGTV hosts.  Despite our love for the show, even mega-fans know that the clients can sometimes be annoying  and have ridiculous requests. If you’ve watched a few (or many) episodes of House Hunters, you’ll notice that many of the clients follow the same patterns. And they ALL want the same things. Here are some thoughts we all have while watching House Hunters:

  1. We get it, you want to move because you want to start a family and/or your family needs more room for its junk.
  2. These are the only two acceptable reasons to move. Period.
  3. Why are you guys even married if you can’t agree on a home style.
  4. That budget isn’t gonna get you anything in your current neighborhood, honey.
  5. Why is everyone obsessed with an open concept floor plan?anigif_enhanced-buzz-5511-1382976512-19
  6. Stop lying. No one “entertains” that much.
  7. Do you really both need your own separate office spaces? Neither of you even work from home?
  8. Not every kitchen needs granite and stainless steel!!
  9. Why do you need four bathrooms for two people?
  10. And why are heated bathroom floors a priority?
  11. Alright. House  #1. Obviously the husband’s style. Which means its automatically out.
  12. Everybody knows the wife always gets her way.
  13. It had a big backyard but the kitchen was horrible and the bedrooms were too small.
  14. Next.
  15. House #2. Her style. Despite the fact that its $50K over budget, she thinks its perfect in every way.
  16. I see you holding your tongue, hubby.
  17. I mean, it doesn’t even have a finished basement for your man cave!anigif_original-grid-image-27378-1449700270-4
  18. House #3: the compromise. It’s right on budget, a perfect mix of both your styles, but out of the desired location.
  19. Obviously, you will be extra nitpicky and comment about the paint color and ‘hideous’ carpets.c73b7170-5a77-0133-4cfc-0e3f8b958f63
  20. Pick House #3! We all know its perfect for you!
  21. Anddddd you picked House #2. I knew it.
  22. Wife always gets what she wants.
  23. I see you pretending to smile at your wife’s happiness, but really I know you’re thinking about the ridiculous mortgage on your new overpriced home.
  24. Ahhh yea! Another episode is on next!














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